Anything For A Buck: Tab Interactive

By SuperSpy 

Who the hell is Kevin Brown and what the hell is Tab Interactive?

First of all, the contact URL he is pimping in the video doesn’t work. Two, they’re an interactive agency and their website looks like it was created by my Mom on Dreamweaver? So confused. So confusing. In the video, Brown says that he has heard the people want to work as creatives in advertising agencies. He goes on to rule out Los Angeles, Chicago and New York as being full. San Francisco isn’t good. Dallas is out and Philadelphia is really out. So, what is a creative to do? Ah, yes! Work for Tab. Where is Tab located other than in the virtual space? No. Fucking. Idea. Brown never tells you.


Got a camcorder? Than you can shoot content for Tab and some division they have called Push. As you would expect, the link for Push doesn’t work either. A Google search showed some more Tab content with this explanation:

founded on the belief that web owners absolutely must PUSH great content FORWARD to stay top of mind to their valued visitors.”

In another video, Brown says that he has worked at McCann, JWT, Chiat Day and Y&R. Kevin swears this isn’t a scam. Uh… This bit of weirdness brings us back to my favorite saying, WTF? Like WTF?