Ant Farm Teases Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Release for Activision

By Erik Oster 

With the release of Activision’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare coming up on November 4th, Ant Farm has released a 60-second gameplay trailer, the last piece in the long advertising onslaught for the game, which kicked off with a reveal trailer starring Kevin Spacey (who voices a character in the game) back in May. 

Lines from Spacey’s in-game character hold together the trailer, along with gameplay footage and quotes from advanced reviews of the title, such as Forbes‘ “…transcends the line between game and film…” The spot highlights the changes from previous iterations in the franchise, touting a more important plot and improved multiplayer while putting the game’s improved graphics on display. Fans of the franchise have probably already put in their pre-orders but emphasizing the changes in the franchise could bring some newcomers on board.


“We’ve been partners with Activision on the Call of Duty franchise from its infancy, and over the years we’ve had the fantastic opportunity to see it grow to become the massive pop culture phenomenon it is today,” said Rob Troy, chief creative officer at Ant Farm. “This year, the graphics and the multiplayer aspects of Advanced Warfare took a huge leap forward, so the creative aspects behind this campaign needed to pay homage to that.”



Rob Troy – Chief Creative Officer

Ryan Vickers – Senior Producer/Creative Director

Scott Carson – Creative Director

Marquis Cannon – Associate Producer

Shane Needham – Associate Producer

Connor Callaghan – Production Coordinator



Joe Hubbard – Editor

Ahmet Atalay – Editor


Capture Directors

Jay Trumbull – Lead Game Capture Director

Jason Norrid – Senior Game Capture Director

Jeff Burke – Associate Game Capture Director



Simone Benyacar – Music Director

Brian Murphy – Music Supervisor

Natalie Wali – Music Supervisor

Taylor Horton – Music Coordinator



Christopher Hendricks – Producer

Mikey Pendola – Art Director

Lucas Christman – Art Director

Nahara Pacheco – Art Director

Thomas Velazquez – Graphic Artist

Joe Clary – Coordinator

Mickey Briggs – Producer



Mark Futa – Vice President, Post Production

Talia Gleason – Lead Flame Artist

Connor Mullaney – Flame Artist

Dean Chu – Flame Artist

Bryant Reif – Nuke Artist


Online House – Therapy


Audio Sweetening/Mix – Sonic Pool