ANR BBDO Conducts ‘The Lag Stress Test’ for

By Erik Oster 

Swedish agency ANR BBDO created “The Lag Stress Test” for to test if individuals in high stress jobs could deal with lag without getting frustrated.

For part two in the brand’s “Living with Lag” campaign, ANR BBDO teamed up with production company B-Reel to create a custom game which responded to stress levels measured via an Emotiv EPOC brain-sensing headset and Mio FUSE heart rate monitor, increasing lag to correlate with frustration. As you might expect, while individual perfromances varied, ultimately no one was able to deal with lag without getting frustrated. “Lag always means frustration,” the spot concludes, before presenting’s “1000 mbit/s frustration free fiber” as the solution. The test is an effective way to prove the point, even if it was an obvious one, and highlights the service’s key benefit in a way anyone can appreciate.


“We want to be in the forefront when it comes to broadband innovation, said Agneta Filén, marketing Director at (part of Umea Energi), in a statement. “There are enough situations in our everyday life that can cause frustration. Slow Internet shouldn’t be one of them if there are other alternatives.”


Agency – ANR BBDO
Art Director: Oskar Skott
Copywriter: Stephanie Moradi
Account Manager: Maria Fager
Account Director: Fredrik Pantzerhielm
PR: Camilla Westman, Channa Rogsten
Graphic Design: William Bjornstjerna
Planner: Anna Jensen
Creative Director: Andreas Lonn
Production company – B-Reel