Anomaly Is #24, AKQA Is #48

By SuperSpy 

Fast Company has released their annual “50 Most Innovative Companies” list and Anomaly is the only ad agency to be represented. Anomaly comes in at twenty-four with the opening line of:

“There’s a body lining on the floor – no actual flesh, just the crime-scene white-tape outline of a 6-foot-tall man frozen in a mad dash. “Here it is, death of the old advertising model,” smirks Jason DeLand, a partner at Anomaly, pointing at the floor of his company’s Soho loft space. “Shot as he was running out.”‘


Smirk. That sounds about right. Read it all here.

AKQA is number 48. Nice.

“Which is why, after five consecutive years of profitability, AKQA is one of the most dangerous global forces in the ad industry. While ad holding companies and tech firms spent billions in 2007 to snap up digital shops, AKQA fended them off, opting instead for a $250 million investment from private-equity firm General Atlantic.”

See it here.

The rest of the list is as you would expect: Google is number one, Apple, two and Facebook, three. Nintendo is ten. They deserve it. Method, the eco-friendly cleaning product company, comes in at sixteen. In 2005, the company brought in $15M, but by 2007, they were up $100M. Whole Foods is thirty six and on and on.