Anomaly Introduces Chance the Rapper to Chance the Wrapper for Kit Kat

By Erik Oster 

Anomaly launched a new Halloween spot for Kit Kat, featuring Chancellor Johnathan Bennett, better known as Chance the Rapper. In the punning spot, Chance meets Chance the Wrapper, which is just his face on a Kit Kat wrapper.

After getting Chance the Rapper’s attention, Chance the Wrapper sings a version of the Kit Kat jingle, which turns thirty this year (about seven years older than Chance). The spot concludes with Chance the Rapper declaring, “That’s a good song.”

That’s pretty much all there is to it, but then what more do you really need? The Halloween-themed spot is simple fun, an ode to the classic jingle supported by a memorable pun. That’s something most audiences can appreciate, fans of Chance the Rapper or not. And if even if you don’t care for the approach, there’s a good chance you’ll remember it the next time you see a Kit Kat wrapper.