Anomaly Follows the Leaf for Pure Leaf

By Erik Oster 

Anomaly launched a new campaign for Unilver and PepsiCo’s Pure Leaf tea brand, featuring the brand’s first television spot, “Follow the Leaf.”

The 30-second spot opens on a woman drinking a bottle of unsweetened Pure Leaf in a kitchen full of potted plants (more leaves). “Pure Leaf is real leaf-brewed tea,” announces the voiceover. “Why? Well, because of the leaves.” From here the spot follows a bag of steeping tea laves, all the way back to being hand-picked. “It might be a little more work,” the spot concludes, “but that’s what you do for the love of leaves.”


The campaign’s focus on Pure Leaf’s unsweetened variety as an alternative to brands who “add unnecessary ingredients” seek to create an impression of authenticity (while ignoring the brand’s sweetened varieties, which add as much “unnecessary” sweeteners as others). It comes as tea is gaining popularity in the U.S., where more people are seeking alternatives to soda.

“We re-launched the Pure Leaf brand in 2012, and we’ve seen significant growth since then,” Linda Bethea, senior director of marketing for the Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership, told Adweek. “The tea category has been growing, and we know there’s a huge consumer trend for realness and authenticity, and that’s exactly what Pure Leaf is offering.”

In addition to the broadcast spot, which also runs in a 15-second version, the campaign is supported by print, digital and a redesigned website.