Anomaly and Converse Take a Deep Dive Into Youth with ‘Forever Chuck’ Finale

By Patrick Coffee 

Anomaly launched the “Forever Chuck” campaign for Converse a few weeks ago with a fairly simple premise: Chuck Taylors are the coolest shoes ever, no contest.

In the first spot, Millie Bobby Brown (aka Eleven of Stranger Things) went through a list of film characters who wore the sneakers and why we care. Chapter two starred a series of musicians and athletes explaining why Chucks are not only the coolest shoes but also the perfect expression of Los Angeles culture in footwear form.

Chapter three launched today, and it’s a bit more ambiguous. The campaign finale, helmed by Karim Huu Do of Caviar Paris, is less about a city or trend than “youth culture” in general—specifically, young creatives born in the mid-90s.

So that was impressionistic, and it reminds us of Johannes Leonardo’s recent work for another shoe brand. Surely you caught Arya Stark, because she’s hard to miss.

The press release calls it “a visual collage of the dreams and desires that drive a diverse cast of creative collaborators,” all of whom happen to love Chucks.

“The Chuck Taylor has been a cultural icon with a rich history and even more incredible future,” said client CMO Julien Cahn’s statement. “Through the debut of our Forever Chuck film, we will have officially introduced our collective of exciting people, who share our brand values and are driving the spirit of youth culture forward.”

Appreciate the “YOUTH, now and forever” theme, though we do feel like old buzzkills for reminding Pool Dude that he’s going to have to work for somebody eventually. It’s hard to get rich otherwise, and even PewDiePie had a Disney contract until he lost it for acting like a kid without a care in the world.

Here are the first two spots in the series for context.