Andrew Rannells Makes a Ketel One Martini and Toasts to the Hospitality Community

By Kyle O'Brien 

National Cocktail Day seems a fitting time to give back to the hospitality community, which has been devastated by the pandemic. On this day, Diageo’s Ketel One Vodka is getting the message out about its donation to a fundraising initiative for service workers and having some fun in the process with Broadway and TV star Andrew Rannells.

Ketel One is partnering with Rannells to launch “Makers of Marvelous,” a program designed to give back to the hospitality community and celebrate bartenders. It’s promoted with a video where a sharply dressed Rannells makes a Ketel One martini. In the video, he’s smiling, but clearly ill prepared to make the perfect martini. Luckily, there’s an off-camera bartender there to walk him through the process, as he wisecracks during the mixology.


He then explains that Ketel One has pledged to donate $50,000 to Another Round Another Rally, which provides relief grants to hospitality workers. He also invites consumers to post their versions of at-home cocktails on Instagram as a toast to the bartenders and places they miss with the tag, #MakeItMarvelous.

“The hospitality community is one that is vibrant. They bring magic, joy and delight to our lives through their commitment to craft,” Rannells said in a statement. “I am thrilled to partner with Ketel One Vodka to kick off a meaningful campaign that not only gives back, but also drives awareness to the individuals who are making our experiences marvelous.”

“Makers of Marvelous” is just one initiative by a Diageo brand supporting the hospitality community. Last June, the spirits giant launched “Raising the Bar,” a global program that provides $100 million to support the recovery of major hospitality centers. The program also includes the establishment of Diageo’s $20 Million Community Fund, as part of its commitment to supporting the Black community and championing equality.