And Your Wrath of Cannes Winner is…

By Kiran Aditham 

…Mr. Alan Kwon (above), whose LinkedIn profile listed him as an associate art director at RTCRM in New York, but who is now a freelancer. Kwon picked up the ceremony’s top honor, the Grand Coney, in the Junior Category for his tearaway print ad for Crunch gyms featured below.

It was a somewhat surprising Wrath this year as the Juniors “shamed the holy crap” out of the Seniors from the Steady Gigless Category, who went home without a top prize and could barely scrape up an honorable mention.

Kudos to Alan Kwon as well as Woods Witt Dealy & Sons, the Digennaro crew and our intrepid editor Matt Van Hoven, who played judge, jury, social butterfly and night owl at the event before taking off early for a Midwestern weekend.

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