And Thus, Movember Has Begun

By Kiran Aditham 

We’re figuring that this just the tip of the iceberg as it’s only day 1 of Movember, the month in which the fellas hide their razors and grow their facial hair in all shapes and sizes (and let’s not forget the ladies have had an increasing presence each year, too) in order to raise awareness (and money) for men’s health issues. We’re sure there will be plenty of agencies chiming in as part of the industry’s annual Movember fundraising competition, but first up to bat is Red Peak Branding, a unit of NYC-based Red Peak Group, whose CEO James Fox sent out a memo this morning regarding his agency’s guidelines for taking part. See below:

“Today is the start of Mo’vember which means the mustache contest is on….
Here is how it works. All competitors must be clean shaven today, or if not today first thing Monday. Joon will be taking pictures today of all the competitors so the judges have a clear before and after shot.
Competitors may grow a mustache, beard, half beard, goatee or whatever until Friday 29th [November] at which point they must convert into a mustache. All competitors must come to the event wearing an appropriate outfit to accompany their mustache (lumberjack, greaser, 1920’s Dandy etc)
All the women in the agency who wish to do so will be judges at a special event on the 29th [November]
Competitors will receive points on the following three attributes:
  1. Lustre – How bushy and lustrous is the mustache in question (5 points)
  2. Creativity – How creative is the mustache and outfit (Gentlemen see mustache chart attached for ideas) (5 Points)
  3. Effort – You don’t need a monstrous mustache to win this competition – points will go to the best before and after pics (5 Points)
All those that want to get involved, both judges and competitors will pay $5 on the 29th of [November] and the proceeds will go to the USA Men’s cancer charity”
Is this the standard protocol for all agencies taking part in the Movember battle? Whatever the case, feel free to send over more efforts and if you need grooming suggestions, you can check out a larger version of the top image after the jump.