And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

Hold on, I’m typing this in-between scoops of cookie dough. Delish. OK, here we go. The year is ending and so we’ve got some stuff that reflects the wonder that was 2012. Also, a trailer for the most ridiculous film of ever, Pacific Rim, which stars the guy from Sons of Anarchy and another guy from The Wire and is about giant alien monsters who we fight off with hugelynormous robots. Yep. Happy Friday, happy watching.

5. First up is the an ushy gushy viral clip where some attractive kids pull the smoochiest prank ever. During a survey on a college campus, they ask students if they would kiss someone under a mistletoe. And then a mistletoe comes out of nowhere, and BAM, smooches. You’ll feel good after this one.

4. Helicopters with cameras are the future, and ushering in that future is Firefly, a clip that harnesses a glowing skateboard and some stunning overhead shots by robo-cams. Use this in your next campaign, whatever it takes.

3. The trailer for Pacific Rim. Giant robots versus giant monster aliens. It’s Afghanistanimation, chief.

2. NASA, arbiters of the universe, “leaked” a video explaining why the world didn’t end on 12.21.12. Oops! It is smart and has the added benefit of freeing you from the need to watch Doomsday Preppers – since, you know, the OHpocalypse isn’t coming.

1. Google does lots of things in a year, and then makes this video about it. And then you cry a little and think about how wonderful and vast life is. And then you go out and buy a sandwich and forget it all. Sandwich time!