And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

Welcome back, oh loyal watchers of internet video. The week’s been a bit light due to people being lazy and “going on holiday” or whatever. As such, you may have seen one or two of this week’s recap elsewhere. But we’ve got babies and polar bears and Cookie Monster so what does it matter.

4. Smell that? It’s nasty rap, and baby poop, courtesy of Fiat’s 500L, the kid-toting Italian whip that – in the UK market at least – comes with a toe smashing rap from a blond mum who lays it down like a binky in a crib. Werd blocks, to your mommy.


3. Speaking of babes, I cannot think of a better ad for Roomba than to put a baby on one and let her ride around, balancing precariously 3 inches off the ground as though it was the top of the Empire State Building (better views from 30 Rock, btw). Oohhhh, oohhhhhppppp, wobble, gaga, et cetera.

2. If you haven’t seen the new Google Play clip with Cookie Monster, do us all a favor and shave one eyebrow. You don’t deserve to walk around looking normal like everyone else. It’s your duty as an ad person to see these things immediately. The rest of you, on to number 1.

1. Damn you Ridley Scott, with your films and your success and now this short for Coca-Cola about the bears family. Kind of puts that thing Bogusky did a while back to shame.