And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood and you’re undoubtedly going to try and get out early. Our goal is to prevent that via a compelling series of YouTubes that will take up an inordinate amount of time. To streamline, don’t read the copy. Just press it for glory.

5.We don’t usually post videos with so few views, but this cat with the cone of shame on who also gets a can of cat food stuck to his face (due to aforementioned can) should be noted as a bit of glory that a brand can immediately turn into a gif and post to their Facebook, Tumblr, or whatever. Or not because, durrr, legal issues. But still, in a perfect world, this poor bastard would achieve fame for it.


4. And now, the 5th iteration of BMW-like films, this time by Jaguar. Watch as Damian Lewis careens a new F-Type through the desert. I won’t name all the other brands that have done this kind of thing already because that would be rude. Still, I wonder if it’s still interesting. With two days under its belt, the clip has just 26,897 views despite being produced by Ridley Scott(Associates and having music from Lana Del Rey. Maybe there’s something to take away from that – doing what once was wonderful won’t win? Dunno, but seems as such.

3. Alright, so now we’re into the big numbers. 2,213,679 people have watched young Jack Carroll, a Britain’s Got Talent contestant with cerebral palsy (it’s one of the palsies) who has turned his condition into a huge asset through comedy. Let your heart be warmed, friends, by this gloriously brief and hilarious exploration of what it is to be funny.

2.I am not sure how I feel about PSY’s first follow-up to “Gangnam Style,” called “Gentleman M/V”, and its meteoric rise to 230,323,199. One thing, it’s very derivative of GS. Another thing, no one seems to mind. However, I love that PSY is a total dick in the video, and I think that’s what makes it worth watching. He trolls his own video, which may be why people love it. Trolololololololol

1. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT TEASER. Nuff said. Oh, it’s not embeddable, so you’ll have to jump away to watch. Come back tho!