And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

Well there’s no good way to talk about this week. So let’s just take a moment to distract ourselves from the cray with another round of videos. You’ve had a long week, especially those of you working in Boston and Texas. The rest of us, we’re with you in spirit, doing our thing. Let’s get to it, shall we?

7. This first spot from St. John Ambulance is a tricky one. We follow the life of this man who is apparently suffering from cancer. It’s tragic, really, the kind of sad story you hope your life never turns into. And then things get better. But wait, not so fast, there’s a twist ending! It’s sad as all heck in a way, but eye opening. Views: 205,482.


6. Personally I’m a bit surprised this hasn’t gone further – it’s a piece with our favorite sports brand, Red Bull. This time they strapped lights onto wake boards and shot a video of athletes doing a water course at night. It’s magical, in a way, how the lights streak across the sky. Very mushroomy. Yet it’s only got 260,437 views – a rare miss for the brand. But still, you’d kill for that many views on your latest thing, no?

5. Sorry, I’m trying to get into it this week, but my heart is just too damn sodden. I think this one will help – it’s a gradma trying out the Oculus Rift. She’s cute as a puppy’s buttcheeks, and if she can get into it – rest assured the rest of the world can too. This is the future. Views: 1,351,380.

4.Just when you thought you’d escaped the emotions of the week, here’s the clip you’ve already seen of the first sporting event following the marathon – a Bruins/Sabres matchup. Of course, the national anthem is sung and well, it’s just so moving. Listen, and join the 1,496,125 others who have seen it already.

3. I will not cry. I will NOT cry. This clip from Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live will help – watch as Harrison Ford takes questions from the audience, only to get into a tête-à-tête with Chewbacca. Views: 1,727,236.

2. They say film is a distraction from real life, an opportunity to escape from our own troubles. This new trailer for Man of Steel, Warner Bros.’ latest foray into the hero story, provides much needed solace. If only we had a Man of Steel to save us from the terrors of the world. Fortunately, we live in a world of everyday heroes, people who would bristle at the thought of being labeled as such, let alone don a red cape. Still, Superman represents the best in all of us and our enduring struggle for peace. Let’s live through him, with 12,006,235 others, for just a few moments.

1. Well fuck me running, here’s the new Catching Fire trailer. Shake off whatever ills burden you, and get ready for the Catness. Views: 21,123,242.