And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

Er. Ma. Gerd. Das Friiiiitaaaaaggg! Thank Beyonce, this helluva week is nearly done. Let’s celebrate with some of the best work in awhile – from Sprite – which bizarrely has like zero views. Whatever, And Now a Word From Our Sponsor looks promising in that Eternal Sunshine kind of way. For you gaming geeks we have a new audio-synched tripper’s wet dream in “140”, and of course no Friday would be complete without thinking about Beyonce. BEY-FUCKING-ONCE. Kid President meets Adult President, and the most logical innovation to hit golf since those drink carts started proliferating the game – a hover golf cart.

7.This is an ad from Sprite that focuses on a guy’s netherlandparts. There’s nothing that can be said. Nothing. Except how does this have 534 views y’all? Help this little guy get the recognition his balls deserve.


6. Artists, here’s a thing you can get behind. A film about an ad exec who can only speak in slogans. It’s like how we all complain about FUCKING JARGON all the time but like then go into a meeting and all you say is these words: engaging, KPI, Vine, aspirational, suck it. Super serial though, this looks good. 11.2k views though? Weaksauce.

5. Admittedly, this is nay as interesting as I thought it would be, but like, a rad concept. Here, my gadflies, is a video made by a person (natch) who put a camera into a box with a little hole on the side and then put it in the mail. Note the red shorts on the delivery people. Where is this land of red-panted parcel deliverers and why have we decided brown, blue-grey and purple are better? Way to go America. 28.1k people agree – watching a package get shipped is more interesting than working.

4. OK so IDK WTF is going on in this little ditty, but if you’ve got some drugs and a Friday night to burn, get the game this video advertises. I don’t even know ain’t about to try and describe. More views than the last one, fewer than the next. I’d look into it but I’m tripping balls over here.

3. So I just want to be transparent with y’all – a little pee came out as I watched this. Because Beyonce. Her past, her present, her future, her glory. Yeah it’s a lame ass Pepsi ad, but who cares just give me more Beymama and I’m happy. Lady Yonc has 122,404, probs because it’s not that great. But still, get yer fix kids!

2.When I grow up I want to be Kid President. This nine-year-old bad ass is so fucking rad he gets to hang with Mr. Obama. Who among you has as much swag? NONE of you. So watch this and learn a thing about getting yourself where you want to be: it’s all about positivity, expressing one’s self, and not giving a fuck. 273,066 so far.

1. Ok so you already saw this, probably. Because 4,478,888 other have. Still, this is the first innovation to come to golf in like a zillion years and it’s actually genius. Probably not feasible long term, but fuck if I wouldn’t go golfing just to roll up to the club house in one of these hoverthings. I would ghost walk that bitch up to the pool and not even give a damn. Golf just got its swerve back.,