And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

Well how-dee, it’s nearly Slut-O-Ween and the weather is promising to be as scary as that time your significant-other’s retainer touched your toothbrush after a long, dry night of mouth-breathing. If you’re like me, you’ll wear a snow suit under your prison guard costume because that’s what we do in Alaska. In celebration of the sexiest day of the year, we’ve compiled some of the scariest work from the past week, in which we were introduced to a freakishly small iPad, Nick Offerman’s stache gave a speech more inspiring than Mittens and ba’Rock combined, and a man literally lost his head. And more!

5.  Made Man and Nick Offerman kicked-off Movember with a clip teaching us pussy-willow men how to grow a stache. Use of a hammer and nail are recommended, as is smelling wood. No joke there kids, wood makes hair grow. Be sure to click into YouTube for this one, as Made Men has a bunch of great clips like this one. Grab yer candy corns!


4. Googlers support gay marriage. The only thing scary about this video is that more companies don’t have the brass to stand up for what’s right. Human right. Know what I’m saying? Separate but sassy does not cut it, and Google took a minute to lay it down for ya. Equality. Google it.

3. Apple, as they are wont to do, released a new spot to show off their new iPad Mini. I for one was confused by the intent of this spot, in which two iPads are used to play Chopsticks. I just don’t get it. And when humans don’t understand things, we fear them. Aaaannd there’s the fear boner.

2. This is a prank where a guy does something awesome with his head.

1. Tracy Morgan, hero to all, was once involved in a scene on 30 Rock where his character looks back fondly on the memory of a novelty Halloween song he wrote called “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.” Rounding out this week’s videos, here’s that tune in its full glory (sorry, the video kind of sucks, but the song comes through just fine).