And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

Snow sucks. Indulge yourself with 8 clips that will certainly eat up the hours remaining before your inevitable trudge home through (in New York, anyway) what is sure to be a sloppy mess the likes of which hasn’t been seen since your agency’s holiday party. But between the mom dancing, mesmerizing out-the-window movie, ode to steadicam and a few spots at least you won’t be bored until punch-out time.

8. A bit of irony today for our least watched clip is Domino’s ‘thank you’ clip, which is a clip showing 50k+ dominoes being toppled in order. It was originally meant to thank their Facebook fans, all 8 million of them, for being such good fans. Strangely, despite 5 days since being published, the clip only has 17,860 views. Maybe there’s something to those allegations that Facebook is hiding newsfeed updates, after all.


7. Coming at number seven today is a clip billed as a type designer’s wet dream. Aptly titled “Dream,” this music video rolls through more typefaces than one can easily count, and does so in an artistic fashion that will make you regret being limited to kerning. 83.4k views ain’t bad for a little type design video.

6. “Drift” by videographer Tim Sessler gives tilt-shift new life. You see, the short film was shot entirely from the window of an airplane, at night. The stunning shots give one the impression that he’s sailing through a dreamscape on the back of a cloud, silently watching over a tiny world replete with snow-capped mountains and tucked-in hamlets. Really, it’s probably just Denver, but at 109k views, Tim’s done something new to make you regret how patently uncreative you’ve become.

5. Steadicam, motherfuckers. It’s a legendary piece of equipment that has changed the way we watch movies, and shoot commercials. You can make one with parts from Home Depot for $25, but the units used in this compendium of famous Steadi-shots probably cost much more – in the $50k range, actually. And don’t forget about the videographer’s backs broken in the process. Got 10 minutes? Then prepare to zone out, like 191k other souls did.

4. We’ve shown quite a few Iron Man 3 trailers in this column, and that’s because they’re awesome. This version, created for the UK, reveals the evolution of Stark’s love for Pepper Potts, a storyline that’s been developing since the first film was released. Now it seems he cant’ live without her, which probably means she’s going to die. 3,003,367 people agree – robotic jet suits are awesome.

3. Sure, your pay sucks, but if you make a red cent over $30k a year you’re probably doing way better than the millions of Americans who make practically nothing. This clip, while wildly depressing, sheds a light on the totally unfair yet impossible to prevent inequality that exists in America today. It plays on our perceptions before ripping them away like a months-old Band-aid to reveal the slimy truth – things are far worse than we imagined. With 3,851,383 views, more than 1% of the country has seen this clip. Probably not the top 1% though, so keep on sobbing friends. We’re right there with ya.

2. Shaking off the poop-e-ness of that last clip, here’s a dancing pony. 3,931,476 = win.

1. Your mom’s dancing skills aren’t what they used to be, probably because once she had you (and your siblings), her vagina lost its way and now just causes her lower regions to gyrate off balance like an off-balance tire on a car going 95 mph over a bumpy road. Jimmy Fallon explores this phenomenon with the help of First Lady Michelle Obama, who remains groovy despite all the stuff mentioned above. 14,661,817 agree – she’s got the moves.