And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

Make way, the internet videos are here! It’s been a hell of a week for advertising, with Oreo and Audi taking top spots and then a random chocolatier taking CGI to the next level. Lots of taking these days. How about some giving? Like the gift of code. Or you could just watch a guy juggle and solve a Rubik’s Cube simultaneously.

5. Audrey Hepburn. So hot right now. At least, in this Galaxy Chocolate spot, she looks amazing. Not only that, the spot perfectly captures the kind of person the world knew her to be – beautiful and whip smart, never to be taken advantage of. Also she looks straight-up real. 202,899 make this clip far from viral, but still worth checking out.


4. Sir Ravi the Juggler can juggle while solving a Rubik’s Cube. Really no other way to set this one up. At 714,493, Ravi’s nearly a YouTube star, though really he should be president of the planet.

3. Audi does nifty things from time to time, like that time they built a track car set and then instead of being all advertising about it used the film as an opportunity to talk about passion. Nice! Here again, they’re having fun, this time by strapping paint ball guns on the hoods of two cars and then having a shoot out. With 812,984 views, Audi’s got themselves another viral hit.

2. What happens when you combine a physicist and his desire to rid Oreos of their best component, the creme? The Oreo separator machine. You’ve seen this by now, but with 2,203,339 in four days, it’s worth another mention.

1. Most schools don’t teach coding – that’s the premise of this spot from CodeOrg, which wants you to learn how to code. For all of you who are too tired to learn anything new, you’re screwed. If 6,552,423 views isn’t enough proof that people are freaking out that they don’t know any coding, it should be. We’re all fucked.