And Now, Your Weekly Video Miscellany

By The Advert 

With the Super Bowl around the corner, you can expect the annual onslaught of teased ads, brands’ attempts to maximize bla bla here’s this week’s videos.

6.GoDaddy’s ads, which typically blow harder than a 747 on takeoff, are the pariah of the Super Bowl. Not this year, however, as the brand finally stepped away from hot chicks into the realm of product benefit. And humor. And Danica Patrick is finally used in an intelligent way. Maybe I like this ad because the previous spots were so bad. (h/t Business Insider)

5. SportsCenter + Swedish Chef + Henrik Lundqvist (hockey player). That’s all you need to know.

4. VW wasn’t going to top the Darth Vader work, so instead they took the internet’s anger and smashed it with a bit of Jimmy Cliff’s best singing. Get Happy, get a Volkswagen.

3. TNT dropped a second spot to follow their “Press for Drama” piece that is like the second most watched ad online, ever. Or something. Don’t quote me. This is more of that, and because of that you’ll watch it.

2. Internet Explorer’s new piece is an ode to the 90s, when the internet made sounds before you even logged on and porn was still images (they don’t mention that in the ad, but hey the truth is the truth).

1. If you have 15 minutes (you do), take them to watch this story about a man who quit his job to build awesome custom slot car tracks. You know, the electric toy car racing tracks that zip around and then fly off into the dog’s head. Audi Canada hired a man who makes really big ones for a campaign, and instead of focusing on themselves, told his story. The result is worth watching, because the guy’s passion comes through. Someone in the comments will crack wise that it’s a miss because of whatever. Just shush, you, I’m watching my stories