And Now From The Financial Desk…

By SuperSpy 

“State of panic we hang by a thread/
The earth will be safe when we’re all dead/
Call me pessimistic, the glass is empty/
After the blast a new society/
Fear spawns greed and see what it brings/
A world where no one enjoys the small things/”

Oh don’ you just love BioHazard? Sigh. Hard, hard rock is so appropriate for today’s news:


Lay-offs abound. The number of jobs cut were “33% higher than the same month last year, when 71,739 cuts” took place. The Euro jobless rate slid to 7.5%. Still, the total fall-out from the banking crisis has yet to be calculated with Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, AIG, Wachovia and Washington Mutual still in states of flux.

The pitch for the bailout has been rebranded. It’s now a “rescue.” Look at our business in action! The FDIC wants to temporarily boost bank deposit limits over $100000.

Housing values continue to drop, but consumer confidence saw an uptick. Wonder if they were including the last week of September in those figures?

City governments are cutting back on programs due to the sudden loss of credit, other factors and tighter credit isn’t helping the auto industry one bit.

I’m such a Debbie Downer.