And Now A Few Moments With The Unemployed… Part IV

By SuperSpy 


Join us as we follow one man’s journey through the windblown plains of joblessness. Meet Todd Beeby, a recently laid off NYC-based writer/creative director.


As I walk among the buildings of downtown and midtown with no particular place to go, I think of all the productive FUN you people are having inside. Solving problems creatively. Discovering unique and actionable insights. Writing smart creative briefs. Thoughtfully purchasing targeted media. Taking part in focused, rewarding meetings. Partnering with clients as equals to build their brand. Sacrificing personal gain for the good of the company. Just one, big, happy brainstorming family. Whoa, whuh?! You can see how some time on the outside might skew my view of what’s REALLY going on in there.

For the unemployed it’s like this: the city’s having the world’s biggest pizza party, and we’re not invited. And dammit, we’d like some pizza. Even if it’s room temperature. And the Domino’s guy put the cheese up his nose. And the soda-pop is flat. And there’s no ice.

Now we’re not saying you have to love everything about your job. Just take a moment or two to appreciate it; to look at it from another perspective. Here are some tips on how you can make today a brighter one for everyone around you, broken down by department for your convenience:

– Try NOT being such a good facsimile of the client at today’s internal creative review
– Tell that copywriter you appreciate his/her hard work (they’re insecure!)
– Don’t agree to do everything the client says over the phone then pretend you fought them on it when you tell the creatives


– Go hug that account director you’ve been butting heads with…on the lips
– Complain about the planners for only ONE full hour today
– Present a concept without talking down to the audience
– Look around and realize you’re getting paid to hang out and talk pop culture!

– What is it you do exactly?
– Because if we knew what you did to make so much money we might change jobs
– Okay, fine, DON’T tell us

– When writing that brief, remember it’s a “SMIT” not “Thringle Most Important Thing”
– Go green by powering down the ‘PlannerTron 3000 Insight Generator’ and coming up with your own idea
– If you’re going to “recycle” a creative brief, respect your audience enough to change the date

– Say ‘yes’, just once…try it, you’ll be amazed how easy it is
– Tell the creatives you caved to their demands and booked them at Casa Del Mar…in a shared room
– Siphon off some money from that bloated TV production budget for a pizza party…I’m serious

– Call Todd and invite him to that pizza party

Make this a shiny, beautiful new day at YOUR agency. It’s what Bo Obama the dog would want.

– I’m Out of ‘Lean Pockets’
– Do I REALLY Want To Go To The Store?
– I Guess It’s Pickles for Lunch

Todd Beeby is an “Under-Utilized” copywriter/CD based in NYC. If you would like to reach out to Todd, you can connect with him here.

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