And a Spokeswhore is Born

By Matt Van Hoven 

What better way to leverage your semi-celebrity status than by becoming a spokesperson! We know that if given the chance, we’d extol the benefits of some crappy (or maybe even good) product for an easy buck.

We’d pitch Trojan for such a project &#151 but only if they’d run a spot about not letting yet another blogger enter the world &#151 something where my parents are sitting in the background shaking their heads as they read this blog (as many of you do). Then you see me, holding a box of ‘Ribbed, For Her Pleasures’ and I say, “Don’t let this happen to you…use Trojans.”


That’s what ‘The Biggest Loser’ coach Jillian Michaels is doing (for Oral-B), thereby catapulting herself into the highly lucrative world of product representation (or as we call it, spokeswhoring).

According to the release, Michaels (a health and wellness coach) wants “to challenge Americans to think about their oral health as a long term investment and make one small change today that will improve the health of their mouths.”

Speaking of mouthing off, as SuperSpy mentioned in the wee hours of the morning, you can now post comments without registering. Check it out &#151 it’s easy as hell. Go ahead, hit us up.

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