AnalogFolk Wins Global Work for Nike Training

By Patrick Coffee 

Nike has expanded its relationship with London-based AnalogFolk, officially adding the shop to its global agency roster. This means the shop’s offices in New York, Portland, Hong Kong and Sydney will almost certainly be working on the account as well.

The size, scope and specifics of the win are not yet clear; we’ve tried to get Nike to elaborate for the last 24 hours, but they have simply confirmed their reputation for being nonresponsive.

For context, AnalogFolk is not a “traditional” agency; their tagline involves using digital to make the analog world better, and their specialties include “Retail innovation” and “Stuff that hasn’t been invented yet.”

But their homepage gives us a clear clue about the new contract: AnalogFolk helped develop the Nike Trainers Hub, which is a “1:1 connection tool and intelligent database designed to help all athletes take their training to the next level.” In other words, it’s a mobile platform/web interface that allows would-be athletes to interact with real trainers and serves as part of the Nike+ Training app, which was developed (at least in part) by R/GA. So it’s sort of like the Football Pro Genius App developed by AKQA, but completely different. Can you tell we’ve never used it?

At any rate, expect AnalogFolk to be behind some of Nike’s tech work in coming years. Just not their ads.