AMV BBDO Tackles Sports, Relationships for Currys & PC World

By Erik Oster 

AMV BBDO’s new campaign for Currys & PC World, entitled “Football? What Football?”  — their first work for the brand — manages to be World Cup-themed without ever mentioning the words “World Cup” (although at one point they come pretty close). The new broadcast spots for the UK’s largest specialist electrical retailing and services company each feature a hopelessly transparent man attempting to (not so) slyly suggest to his significant other that they should buy a new television, positing the purchase as selfless, and certainly having nothing to do with the impending 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

The approach is clever, examining the types of subtle and not-so-subtle manipulations partners in relationships make surrounding expensive purchases. In my favorite of the spots, “Pride and Sensibility,” a man tells his wife, over dinner, that him and his friends watched that “Pride and Sensibility” program and it really looked great on his buddy’s widescreen TV. He’s not nearly so slick as he thinks he is, and his significant other’s incredulous facial expressions really bring the spot together as he almost mentions the World Cup and claims the new TV is for “that castle program” she likes so much.


The other spots follow a similar formula, finding humor in a man suggesting to his wife that her gardening programs would look great on a new television, and a father attempting to justify the purchase as a way to better enjoy upcoming penguin documentaries to his daughter while a disbelieving mother looks on. It’s the kind of approach that works because of its relatability, with humor that is at once universal and distinctly British coming from true to life scenarios. The broadcast campaign launched on the first, along with accompanying 30 second ads appearing on sports radio. Stick around for credits and the other two spots after the jump.


Project: Football? What Football?

Client Name & Job Title: Andrea Silver,  Marketing Director

Creative Agency: AMV BBDO

Executive Creative Directors: Alex Grieve and Adrian Rossi

Copywriter: Zac Ellis

Art Director: Rich Littler

Agency Planner: David Edwards

Agency Account Man: Chris Taggart/Kate Taylor/David Marshall

Head of Brand & Visual Comms: Benj Kaye

Senior Advertising Manager: James Cheetham

TV Producer: Trish Russell

TV PA: Zoe Cunningham

Media Agency: Walker Media

Media Planner: Walker Media

Production Company: Outsider

Director: James Rouse

Production Co. Producer: Benji Howell

Post-production Company: Finish

Audio Post-production: Factory

Exposure (TV, Youtube etc): TV, VOD, YouTube, Radio, CPCW Website