AMV BBDO Suckles to Launch UK Tech Company Thunderhead

By Erik Oster 

New brands typically have a hard time standing out amidst the vast array of competition, so AMV BBDO developed a spot for UK cloud-based engagement software platform Thunderhead that’s pretty hard to ignore.

The ad imagines the software platform as a superhero named Thunderhead. When a car salesman is having trouble connecting with a customer, Thunderhead bursts through the door. Soon the salesman is suckling at Thunderhead’s nipple while he telepathically delivers engagement insights which help the salesman find the perfect car for the customer. Um, yeah, that’s one way to get attention.


“We are a cheeky British technology upstart who are lucky enough to have the best customer engagement software in the business world,” Gav Thompson, Thunderhead’s chief marketing officer, told The Stable. “We asked AMV to develop an idea for us that would ensure that CMOs became aware of our unique customer engagement capability and our ability to deliver happy customers. We also liked the idea of a product demo that was a bit bonkers.”

A bit bonkers, indeed.