AMV BBDO Pokes Some Lighthearted Fun at Those ‘Diversish’ Davos Billionaires

By Patrick Coffee 

First, a shout out to Grey: the four-day work week is good for gender equality!

We know this not due to common sense but, rather, our rich friends at the Davos World Economic Forum, who have gathered in the Swiss Alps via private jet this week to discuss the world’s many, many problems.

People like to make fun of these guys because it’s so easy, and now AMV BBDO has taken a turn in an extended video for client The Valuable 500, a diversity advocacy group.

Get ready for some very British humor.

For context, in 2017 Davos launched #valuable, described as “a global call to action for businesses and brands to recognize the worth and value of the one billion people living with a disability around the world, and to put disability inclusion on the global business leadership agenda.”

Have those businesses followed through? The Valuable 500 certainly doesn’t think so, nor does its friend Richard Branson.

Watching this mildly amusing clip, we couldn’t help but think of an ad industry that releases all kinds of studies about how diversity makes business better but never seems to make good on its own promises.

[h/t More About Advertising]