AMV BBDO Leaks a New TENA Men Spot

By Patrick Coffee 

BBDO’s UK wing, AMV, earned a bit of attention from industry press last month for a new campaign starring Stirling Gravitas, a twist on the Most Interesting Man in the World who just happens to have a problem…in his pants.

The earlier spots highlighted Mr. Gravitas’ ability to maintain a health lifestyle despite his desperately leaky bladder and gave the rest of us tips to follow his lead.

The newest chapter in the ongoing campaign elaborates on that theme by facetiously reminding viewers that there are other ways to prevent incontinence–like clenching your related muscles really hard.

You know, like holding in a fart:

Gravitas’ Twitter feed has yet to truly take off. Maybe he needs to let himself go:

He does, however, have some nuggets of encouraging wisdom hidden in his press release, writing:

Guess what. Advertising works. 1.3 million people have watched my film and TENA Men’s UK website has had a 700% increase in traffic.

We knew it!

For context, this is the product he’s promoting:

tena men


It’s a maxi pad for men. Maybe that’s a British thing…