Amsterdam Worldwide Shows Both Sides of Sony VAIO 2-in-1 PC

By Erik Oster 

Amsterdam Worldwide has a new campaign promoting Sony VAIO, l Flip PC, VAIO Tap 11, and VAIO Duo emphasizing the laptop/tablets appeal to both people’s playful and serious sides.

The new campaign, entitled “Both of You,” features four 2-in-1 characters, with the two sides of each personality battling each other, emphasizing that “sometimes we need to work, and sometimes we need to play.” In each of the four spots, neither side of the character wins a definitive victory in their battle of wits, another illustration of how the versatility of a laptop/tablet in one lets both sides of your personality get their way. “Our tech devices have become very personal extensions of ourselves – the question is ‘which self?’ We all have more than one. Now there is truly one device that can handle both of you, so we created a story to bring that to life,” explains Amsterdam Worldwide executive creative director Richard Gorodecky.


“Both of You” has already proven itself a big success. The four online spots debuted in December and combined have already received over 1.5 million views, and that’s without any media spend. The online campaign rolls out in earnest on January 27th, on platforms such as YouTube, Hulu, and AOL (for some reason). “Both of You” will also launch in international markets, including Japan, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Stay tuned for “Both of You (Marla)” and credits after the jump.


Client credits

Partner Marketing Account Manager, Intel: Johan Koning
Director of Marketing, Sony Electronics: Brad Parker
Business Development Director, Sony: Renee Branski

Agency credits

Executive Creative Director/Art Director/Copywriter: Richard Gorodecky
Art Director: Laurie Lacourt
Copywriter: Chermine Assadian
Art Director: Fabian Hupfauf
Art Director: Daniel Peirón
Copywriter: Karen Cardy
Producer: Neil Henry, Jan-Peter Wiersma
Client Team: Megan Wooding, KaMing Kho
Strategy: Uli Kurtenbach

Production Company: Frontier Films, Toronto
Director: Matthew Bissonnette
Director of Photography: Kris Belchevski
Art Director: Patricia Christie
Owner – Executive Producer: Simon Dragland
Owner – Executive Producer: Rita Popielak
1st A.D.  – Production Supervisor: Eric Kaskens

Post – Production: Darlings
Head of Editing: Doug Hancock
Head of VFX: Robert Okker
Colourist: Robert Thomas
Post Producer: Violeta Nikolova
Supervisor VFX: Chaja Koe
VFX artist: Randy Roeman
VFX artist: Roland van Mossel

Composer: Audentity Music & Sound
Niels den Otter
Guido Maat
Rogier de Nijs