Amsterdam Worldwide and Asus Take a Deep, Impressionistic Dive Into the Ocean Together

By Patrick Coffee 

How often do agencies get to tag along on deep sea adventures?

OK, probably more than most. A new campaign from Amsterdam Worldwide for Taiwanese tech company Asus is a solid entry in the “actually, it’s a short film” category.

The first of two spots showcasing the client’s hardware stars freediver Sofía Gómez Uribe, whose life is “always on the go, a constant adventure.” In the artsiest product demo we’ve seen this week, she wears a custom suit powered by the Asus Transformer 3 Pro and synced with her heart rate to go 83 meters deep.

That was pretty impressive. But we will stay on the surface looking down, thank you very much.

The next, very different ad in this campaign features David Fischer, founder of the fashion/culture magazine and website Highsnobsociety, explaining how he turned said snobbery into a legitimate business with the help of the trusty Asus ZenBook.

That one was a little less interesting, and Fischer’s “Just do what you enjoy most” doesn’t always lead to success.

Maybe we’re a little jealous of a dude who created a media company all by himself. And his office looks a bit like that of a chief creative officer, too.


“Ocean Heart”

Director: Moritz Grub
DOP: Moritz Grub
Creative Director: Moritz Grub
Underwater Director: Julie Gautier
Underwater DOP: Julie Gautier
1st Assistant Director: Stefan Dotter
Camera Assistant: Stefan Dotter
Underwater Camera Assistant: Arthur Lauters
Production: Amsterdam Worldwide
Producer: Christy Colon
Art Director: Martí Panes
Account Director: Agathe Wiedemair
Post Production: Paul Schwabe Digital Production
Music: YouGuys Music Berlin
On-screen Talent and Freediver: Sofía Gómez Uribe
Dive Center and Dive Equipment: Blue Life Dive
Safety Divers: Walid Boudhiaf / Jonathan FaneStock
Footage: Vitali Gelwich

“Dream Machine”

Director: Philipp Ramhofer
DOP: Jakob Preischl
Camera Assistant: Dominik Bodammer
Creative Director: Moritz Grub
Creative: Maximilian Braun
Account Director: Agathe Wiedemair
Production: BWGTBLD
Producer: Sebastian Cordes
Line Producer: Anna Bauer
Editor: Christian Zimmermann / Thomas Wedekind
Post Production: Paul Schwabe Digital Production
Music: Moritz Staub / staub-audio
On-screen Talent: David Fischer