Amsterdam Freelancers Created a Picture Book to Teach Children About Hygiene

By Erik Oster 

A global pandemic has highlighted the importance of teaching children proper hygiene practices to stop the spread of disease.

So Amsterdam freelance creative and storyteller Ingmar Larsen decided to create a children’s picture book about it entitled Sam the Washbear.

“Especially in these times I want to teach children in a lighthearted way about the importance of hygiene,” he said in a statement, adding that he has just recently become a father.


The book focuses on Sam the washbear, a young raccoon who receives the gift of a soap pump from his grandfather. Sam’s grandfather explains there are microbes everywhere that can make you sick, but Sam can make them disappear with soap. Along with his friends, Sam learns how to properly wash his hands and when he needs to do so.

Larsen enlisted the help of freelance illustrator Agnes Loonstra and freelance graphic designer Joyce Dekker, who provided art direction. The book will be published in the Netherlands by Rubinstein Publishers and released in mid-September.