Amp States the Obvious, Beautifully

By Matt Van Hoven 

The energy drink makers that aren’t Red Bull have a tough row to hoe when it comes to breaking in to traditional markets. But as every copywriter knows (but don’t seem to get), truth is the best medicine.

And that definitely comes through in this aptly named spot, “Walk of No Shame.” The makers of Mountain Dew need be proud of their birth-child (editor’s note: how did we ever consider Mountain Dew an energy drink? We all knew it was caffeine and sugar &#151 thank the ad gods for marketing; wink) the aptly named Amp Energy drink. Jump.

Personally I’ve never tried the product (Can you say blogola? note: I thought I invented that word but I googled it and found out some other jackass was first), but I immediately fell for the ad and once I caught myself it was too late and the payoff came, followed by tears of joy and YouTube searching.

Yeah, it was bad. But I’ve calmed down and now want to state for the record that the work is well done. Begs the question &#151 what’s next? Bring it.