AMC Reaffirms Commitment to Awfulness, Renews ‘The Pitch’ For Second Season

By Bob Marshall 

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

But yes, my kittens, the news is true. AMC is indeed renewing The Pitch, the godawful first-ever reality show dedicated to the creative advertising industry. Apparently, only 300,000 viewers per episode was good enough for AMC. And, the bevy of terrible reviews we gave it did not affect the thinking of the show’s producers, who have incredibly liberal definitions of what “TV success” means. Hey, if no one is watching your show, either change it or just stop doing it. This is elementary shit we’re talking about.

From AdAge:

Some viewers said they wanted more character development, subplots and information about the agencies competing. But the second season is sticking to the initial format, according to AMC.

“The show is not about deeply exploring one agency,” Mr. [Joel] Stillerman said. “It’s a docu-portrayal of the creative process in the advertising industry and a real behind-the-scenes look at the pitch process.”

So basically, AMC is telling us, “You guys didn’t like the show? Well…fuck you. You were too stupid to understand it.” No, people were too stupid understand Arrested Development and The Wire. We understood The Pitch, we just thought it sucked!

Well, in any case, I guess I’ll be back doing episode reviews of The Pitch when it resumes. I hope you’ll join me.