Always Learning: Tips for Building Your Brand (In School or Out)

By Matt Van Hoven may not be on top of your reading list and that’s OK. Today they sent us a list of 100 tips for building your brand. The jist: don’t be an asshole, put yourself out there, add value to everything you touch. The list is geared at students but damn if it’s not a snazzy set of cues we could all brush up on.

1. Learn about yourself: Take the time to examine yourself and what your values are.


2. Work for free: Gain great experience you can put to work later by working for free.

3. Think about your name: If you have a common or badly associated name, you may want to consider using a unique variation of your name.

4. Gain experience: Get a job while still in school to help develop your brand.

5. Be distinctive: Do something different, so you’ll stand out among the rest.

6. Develop strong self esteem: Make sure that you’re projecting confidence in yourself and your brand.

7. Stay active: Make sure you’re always in the job market-you will appear more valuable if you’re constantly in work.

8. Define and discuss your personal values: With a sense of what’s important to your public personal values, you can define and share your brand.

9. Complete additional education or training: Even though you’re still in school, there’s always room to think about more learning to gain experience.

10. Determine your expertise: Find your expertise, and establish yourself as the authority on that topic.

11. Highlight your accomplishments: Share your awards, credentials, qualifications, and any other important achievements that are related to your brand.

12. Determine your benefits: Define what your personal benefits are and share them.

13. Stay true to yourself: In defining your brand, make sure that you avoid trying to be something you’re not.

14. Be specific: Make your brand tie in closely to your niche or specialty.


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