Allen & Gerritsen Launches Caron Treatment Centers’ First Campaign

By Erik Oster 

Boston and Philadelphia-based agency Allen & Gerritsen (A&G) launched the first-ever campaign for Pennsylvania-based not-for-profit addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare provider Caron Treatment Centers.

Entitled “Holding On,” the family-centered campaign features two broadcast spots, running in 60 and 30-second versions, which examine addiction treatment through the point of view of a “Husband and Wife” and “Mother and Child.”

In the former spot, a voiceover delivers the narrative from the wife’s point of view. “You have gone through life side by side,” it begins over footage of a happy young couple and their son, with a dramatic piano score playing in the background. “But now, his addiction is tearing your family apart,” it continues, and the wife “must finally let go” to save her family, letting the husband go to Caron Treatment Center, which promises to “treat your loved one and heal your family.”

“Mother and Child” delivers a similar sentiment, from the point of view of a mother whose son is struggling with addiction.

The broadcast spots will run in the Philadelphia and Washington D.C. areas, with support from print, radio and digital initiatives. “Holding On” follows A&G’s redesign of Caron’s web presence, consolidating its five separate sites into one destination.

“Many of us come into contact with addiction at some point in our lives. Though it may be uncomfortable, we believe it is time to bring that conversation to the forefront,” said A&G CCO Jennifer Putnam. “By saying ‘let us take it from here,’ we want to recognize the incredible isolation and burden often shouldered by these caregivers and the significant courage and faith that it takes to allow a treatment center into their lives.”

“Our staff – who are in the trenches with this disease every day – were deeply touched by the campaign’s message. They were reaching for tissue boxes when we shared the commercials with them,” added Caron Treatment Centers president and CEO Doug Tieman. “The research, talent and heartfelt care that A&G put into this campaign are palpable, and we couldn’t be happier with how the team brought Caron’s mission to life. I’m certain our message will give many families the courage they need to seek help and finally let go.”