All-Star Robo-Team from Old School Ushers in New School in Latest GE Spot

By Jordan Teicher 

If General Electric’s “Brilliant Machines” campaign was a movie, the brand’s “Robots on the Move” commercial would only be a teaser trailer. Although it’s full of intrigue and suspense, the ad fails to actually promote anything other than pop-culture nostalgia.

BBDO New York and GE teamed up for the sixty-second spot, which premiered on Thanksgiving and was directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the husband/wife duo who helmed feature films such as Little Miss Sunshine as well as several music videos including Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight.” The pitch itself is clever: famous machines looking for new, powerful machines that will make the world better. If we were to grade the effort, we’d have to say incomplete. What are these revolutionary machines? Do they look any different? How will they make the world a better place? Will they cost less than the retail price of an iPhone?


Regardless, sci-fi geeks across the country won’t be able to hide their vinegar strokes. Star Trek fanatics will appreciate a Data sighting. Props on including K.I.T.T. as well, but GE needs to follow up this style-over-substance spot with something concrete—a fridge, a washer, anything that isn’t swiped from an 80’s TV show. The knockoff Avicii soundtrack is pretty fresh, though. All that’s missing is some Hasselhoff. Credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer:                                     David Lubars

Senior Creative Director/Art Director:             Eric Cosper

Senior Creative Director/Copywriter:               Michael Aimette


Creative Director/ Art Director:                       Kevin Jordan

Creative Director/Copywriter:                        Tim Roan

Associate Creative Director/Copywriter:          Judd Counsell


Director of Integrated Production:                 David Rolfe

Group Executive Producer:                              Anthony Nelson

Producer:                                                         George Sholley


Director of Music and Radio Production:         Rani Vaz

Music Producer:                                              John Melillo


Worldwide Senior Account Director:                Emma Armstrong

Account Director:                                             Ben Myers

Account Manager:                                            Robin Erler

Assistant Account Executive:                            Michelle Teng


Production Company:                                      Bob Industries

Director:                                                          Dayton/Faris

Director of Photography:                                 Linus Sandgren


Music House:                                                   Human


Edit House:                                                      Final Cut

Editor:                                                              JD Smyth


Visual Effects House:                                       Method Studios

Audio Post: Sonic Union
Mixer: Rob McIver