Alex Bogusky Wants to Take On The Rock

By Erik Oster 

Can you smell what The Bogusky is cooking?

Alex Bogusky returned to advertising in August, with the CP+B co-founder returning to the agency as chief creative engineer. After settling in for a few months, though, it appears his attention is wandering and he’s itching for a new challenge—in the wrestling ring. As part of the agency’s themed holiday party, which this year centers around pro wrestling, Bogusky decided to challenge Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to a wrestling match.

In a video posted to TwitterLinkedIn and Instagram, Bogusky taunts The Rock while holding his “Creative Director of the Decade” belt and calling on him to bring The People’s Elbow to Boulder, Colorado. (This ends the extent of our pro wrestling knowledge.)


He addresses the launch of Johnson’s agency, Twelve Bucks Creative, saying Johnson can’t just waltz in the advertising industry and expect to compete. He smells what The Rock is cooking, he adds, and it “smells like fear.”

Bogusky claims Johnson doesn’t have the guts to show up to the agency’s “Holiday on the Ropes” office party. “You may be The Rock, but I’m paper,” he adds. We would also like to nominate $4 million creative director Matthew McConaughey as the scissors.

As an added incentive, Bogusky reveals that Johnson’s old roommate now works for him, threatening to fire him or make him work over time “every night for the rest of his life.”

As far as goofy agency holiday antics goes, this one is at least … different. We’re not sure what, if any, training the veteran advertising creative has put in to make him think facing off against the 240 pound, 6-foot-4-inch actor is a good idea, though. Or is he challenging him to some kind of advertising competition equivalent of a wrestling match? Personally, we’d rather see the two face off in Moana karaoke.

After this stunt went live, Bogusky updated his LinkedIn page to say that representatives for Johnson reached out to say that the actor is busy.

“I have some career advice for you Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. You want to be an adman? There is only one way. Face me in the ring,” Bogusky wrote.

Now comes the part where he sits back and waits for the resumes to come flying in.