Alex Bogusky Bares Soul to Fast Company

By Kiran Aditham 

Danielle Sacks, who has basically been Fast Company‘s de facto reporter on all things Bogusky/MDC for a while now, sits down with the former Chief Creative Insurgent, who speaks for the first time since his departure from advertising.

Bogusky invited Sacks and his monk (of course) to chat in his Boulder-based “FearLess Cottage” (above). In the first sentence alone, the author lays it on thick, calling her interviewee a “Dadaist, postmodern media manipulator, pop-culture Houdini, daddy of 21st-century advertising, and now a seeker of meaning on the dirt path of life.”

Though that statement might turn some off instantly, the lengthy article that follows it is a fairly good read–one that doesn’t attempt to completely canonize Bogusky nor denigrate him–that provides us with plenty of insight into an “adman attempting rehab.” Check it out here.

Update: As a commenter noted, Bogusky has responded to Sacks’ piece section-by-section on his blog. Peep it.

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