AKQA’s New Minimalist Gothenburg Office Is the Most Scandinavian Thing Since IKEA

By Patrick Coffee 

American agency offices often aspire to be paragons of modern design, given that they allegedly house groups of creative people paid to do creative work with painstaking attention to detail.

But in our experience, they’re more often chaotic and disorganized and maybe a little on the dusty side, kinda like the inside of your brain.

Things in Europe are a little different. For example, we recently came across a post on AKQA’s new office in Gothenburg, Sweden, by design firm Amos+Amos. And it’s pretty impressive! Here’s the entrance.

There’s also a chair-free “work space” and a blurry meeting room that is a little more fancier than the one in Vitro’s Austin office (sorry dudes).

Then there are the “breakout spaces.” So many places to break out.

This thing was built in an “old shipbuilding warehouse” right by the town docks. Managing director Ron Peterson said, “We’ve created a space in form and function that’s conducive to our core founding values of innovation, service, quality, and thought. Ultimately, it’s about ensuring every input encourages collaboration to foster progress on behalf of the audiences we jointly serve with clients.”

How very 1950s. We’d be afraid to get our greasy fingerprints on the furniture.

On the American front, has anyone seen Havas New York since the August purge?Please report back.

via Office Lovin