AKQA SF Shares ‘The Samba of the World’ for Visa

By Erik Oster 

AKQA San Francisco created a digital campaign for Visa representing each of the 32 nations who qualified for the 2014 World Cup, with each country given its own representational samba.

For the campaign, AKQA San Francisco and Visa invited musicians from each of the 32 qualified countries to reimagine the Brazilian favorite “Maria Caipirinha” (Samba da Bahia). They then called on filmmakers from each of the countries to “show how their nation celebrates the FIFA World Cup.” This resulted in one of the more unique World Cup campaigns, as we’ve seen a lot of ads celebrating Brazil, but not so many celebrating the other nations at the World Cup. Viewers get a look at each country’s culture, “including regional dance moves, food fans enjoy on match days, the type of gear they wear, even their country’s football rituals and history.” Viewers can jump between different countries’ videos via each country’s flag on the  Visa World Cup site or select the video they want from the YouTube playlist for “The Samba of the World.” We’ve included host country Brazil’s entry above, with Mexico and Cameroon, along with credits, after the jump.



Agency: AKQA

Creative Directors: Hugo Veiga, Diego Machado

Art Director: Daniel Soares, Cloves Menezes

Senior Designer: Tim McCracken

Copywriter: Josh Kobrin

Producer: Amy Yvonne Yu

UX Design: Emma Lawler

Developers: Mayo Tobita, Hiro Yamane, Richard Tirta

Account: Cristiano Alburritel, Ricky Schramm, Lauren David

Production Company: SKUNK

Adviser to Directors: Saman Kesh

Music: COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound
Music Directors: Jason Menkes, Ravi Krishnaswami