AKQA Gets Stylish with Hermès ‘MANifeste’

By Erik Oster 

AKQA launched a new campaign for Hermès, entitled “MANifeste,” featuring an animated online spot.

The stylized animation of the ad keeps things fairly simple. It opens with a hand checking off a to-do list which then transforms to guitar strings, which in turn change into lines on a shirt. It’s an eye-catching approach and a welcome change in pace for the category, although same may argue it doesn’t do much to differentiate the brand. In addition to the ad, AKQA created a site filled with that popular internet staple: lists. These range from the sandcastle building tips of “3 Ways To Be The King Of The Castle” to “65 Words To Spark Your Inner Poet.” We’re not sure what these lists really have to do with Hermès, but we suppose people do love such lists and the brand wanted to get in on the action.

“Hermès is one of the few remaining luxury brands that value the spirit of their house as much as they value the quality of their craftsmanship,” said AKQA creative director Peter Lund. “We’ve worked closely with Hermès to create a unique experience that represents these values through the masculine universe of Hermès.”