AKQA Founder Issues a Rallying Cry…We Think

By Kiran Aditham 

It seems that AKQA founder/chairman Ajaz Ahmed has been quite vocal since his digital agency was acquired by WPP a month ago. Here’s what appears to be his latest memo to staffers, which for some reason makes us want to revisit Bill Pullman’s speech from Independence Day.

“As entrepreneurs, we are excited about putting our spirit and energy into this adventure because we are and have always been in control of our own destiny. We believe in the virtuous circle: that when we do good and have good intentions, good things happen. We believe in it because we’ve seen it in action time and time again through the reaction to the work, the growth of key relationships or the loyalty and commitment of our team.


We will always have an independent mindset, which to us means caring for the work, caring for clients, caring for our business, caring for the future.

Everyday we have board-level conversations with many of the greatest organisations and people on the planet. We are creating genre-defining work that is inspiring audiences worldwide. We are contributing thinking and ideas that our clients love, and our competitors love to copy. We are in a far better position to realise our potential than any of our competitors.

As a team, we are committed to being agile, strong, disciplined and responsive.

We have a set of standards, core values that are exacting and demanding. We have a guiding philosophy, the DNA of our company. We will preserve these timeless core values while at the same time stimulating innovation, creativity and progress across everything we do.

This is the underlying tension that drives our business.

Today our goal is to create one of the world’s great innovation companies that will endure for decades and I’m more excited than ever about it.

Cheers, Ajaz”

All that’s missing here is a Hans Zimmer or James Newton Howard score. Anyhow, the tipster who sent this to us says, “Can the AgencySpy community please help the employees of AKQA understand what our CEO is telling us? These words by themselves sound good but the meaning in the message is lost.” While we check with our AKQA contacts on the memo itself, feel free to weigh in.