Airheads Gets Into the Chicken Sandwich Wars With a Candy Bun

By Kyle O'Brien 

With all the fast food chains getting into the chicken sandwich wars, nobody thought the next competitor would be a candy brand, but Airheads decided that today, National Fried Chicken Day, would be a great time to launch its candy bun wrapped around a breaded chicken breast.

It’s the first time the candy brand has ventured beyond just candy, and Craig Cuchra, vp of marketing for Perfetti Van Melle North America, maker of Airheads, said in a statement: “The world will finally see what’s been missing in chicken.”

Airheads has never attempted a fried chicken sandwich before, and the brand doesn’t own any restaurants or brick and mortar locations to sell the sandwich. Airheads instead rented a food truck, but doesn’t say where it will be. A video explains all this, and questions why a candy brand would even attempt a chicken sandwich, while going overboard in comparing the “Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy” to the great pyramids.


“There’s some precedent of people not ever doing something before and then suddenly doing the thing they never did,” added Cuchra.

The brand worked with agency Highdive on the campaign. It is promoting the sandwich on its social channels with a video of a chef unveiling the rainbow striped bun, chicken, shredded cabbage, pickles and some sort of creamy sauce, while claiming that Airheads will win the chicken sandwich wars.

If anyone actually gets to try one of these vibrantly wrong culinary concoctions, please reach out and tell us how it was.


Client: Perfetti Van Melle / Airheads

Ad or Campaign: Airheads Candy Chicken Sandy

VP of Marketing North America: Craig Cuchra

Brand Director, Airheads: Jamey Lamb

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