Ah, So This is Who to Blame for ‘Hater Translator’

By Erik Oster 

If you’re a frequent reader of this site (and especially if you’re a regular commenter) you may remember the “Hater Translator” from a few weeks back. Hater Translator would take a spiteful comment and translate it into something nicer. Since most comments on this site are made by hateful pricks, the Hater Translator kept pretty busy. It was kind of funny the first time, less so the second, and it quickly wore out its welcome. Pretty soon, everyone was annoyed and our inboxes were flooded with complaints. Sure, the haters are annoying, but Hater Translator only seemed to make things worse. Now, the folks over at Mullen have come out as the creators of the Hater Translator, with a new site and holiday-themed video (featured above).

The video tells the story of the Hater Translator’s creation by an IT guy at Mullen who looks kind of like Zach Braff. He noticed that all the internet hate was making people sad, “especially when they read nasty comments posted about their work.” The video then shows a bunch of priceless reactions to hateful comments from advertising folk, which is pretty funny. “Don’t they know that advertising is one of the most important jobs in the world?” he asks of the haters. So he decided to “turn the Internet into a friendlier place” with the Hater Translator, but, as well all know, this just redirected the hate back onto the Hater Translator. At any rate, Zach Braff IT guy walks us through how the crazy machine works — it turns the word “fuck” into real fudge, and then shows us the Hater Translator”in action.” In other words, translating comments from this site. They mention their four days translating “hundreds of nasty comments on Agency Spy into expressions of love and joy” and complain of being shut down on the fifth day. Apparently, that makes us Scrooges.


Mullen calls the Hater Translator “a really great way to spread some holiday cheer to a place that really needs it,” but we’re guessing you disagree. Take it away, comments section…