AgencySpy Facebook Twitter Social Media Spasm

By Matt Van Hoven 

For awhile now we’ve had Facebook and Twitter accounts that we used to varying degrees. Twitter, of course, is where you go for updates on our reports and banter and links to interesting things that may or may not be adv. related. But what to do with Facebook…Finally, an answer.

There are some inherent problems with the site, namely that in order to follow us on Facebook you have to admit that you’re friends/fans of AgencySpy and people can sometimes see who you’re tapped into and that can be bad if your employer, for example, is a dick.

Also, what’s the point of a Facebook profile/fan page? We already have Twitter so who cares. You should, because as of now we’re going to use them as our tip jar, only you’ll be the ones getting tipped, not us. Whenever we get a tip and start chasing it, we’ll let you know about it via Facebook. Some stories will inevitably be too large or sensitive to hint at but we’ll do our best. It’s a way for you to be more tapped into whatever we’re working on, if that’s what you’re into.

This could and probably will flop and I may be back here in a week being all “that was stupid” &#151 but that’s just the way it is with social media. We’re not experts, we’re experimenters. So keep up with us on

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