AgencySpy Apparently Pisses Off Wendy Lurrie

By Kiran Aditham 

Poor Kipp Cheng, G2’s new rep who has been actually quite responsive to us in terms of hires, fires and all of the above. But G2 Direct & Digital chief Wendy Lurrie apparently scolded him and other staffers during the man’s introduction at a town hall meeting according to a tipster, who tells us, “He was hired to help save the agency’s image and combat the negative press it has gotten in AgencySpy and other trades. During his introduction Wendy Lurrie scolded the entire agency for ‘leaking false family secrets to the press’ and said that ‘we know who you are.'”

Yes, there is a part of us that is giddy about the promotion but realize there is truth to be told here, folks. Maybe it was this, that or the other one that sparked Lurrie’s ire, but hey, we’re just doing our jobs. I’m sure Kipp will be emailing us to clarify this rumor within a hot minute.


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