Agency Twitter Responds to Question of What Agencies Should Say or Do to Address the Current Moment

By Erik Oster 

On Sunday, we took to Twitter with a pressing question as protests across the country addressing widespread police brutality and systemic racism continued:

Most took the question seriously and we received over 70 replies. Responses varied but a few themes emerged for what agencies should be doing right now. Some people, perhaps understandably, were cynical any agency response would amount to anything meaningful, but most focused on what they did hope to see from agencies. A few of the things people seem to want from agencies to do most to address this moment is listening to Black employees, taking meaningful steps toward real diversity and inclusion, ensuring Black employees have the space and support they need, avoiding buying airtime on Fox News, financially supporting causes related to systemic racism and not exploiting the situation by entering any ads created around this moment into awards shows.

R/GA U.S. chief strategy officer had one of the most popular responses, encompassing a variety of approaches:

The ubiquitous Cindy Gallop, Society Redefined Consulting founder Deadra Rahaman and others emphasized the need for action over discussion:

Hearst Magazines svp, chief talent officer Keesah Jean-Baptiste suggests agencies need to address some tough questions.

Derek Walker, owner of agency brown and browner, said agency leaders need not just to “do better” but “address how they think about Black people.”

Digital marketing director Jonathan Wilson noted the need for measures starting well before employees are hired and continuing through audits of promotional practices.

Please share your own ideas for how agencies should be addressing this moment and systemic racism more broadly on Twitter.

If you’d like to comment or share information on how your agency/holding company has or hasn’t taken action to support Black employees during this time, you can share a tip via our anonymous tip box or email