Agency Takes Restrictive Approach to Employees’ Web Usage

By Matt Van Hoven 

As of today, a certain shop has restricted employees’ use of the inter Webs by blocking a few sites that require high volumes of bandwidth. The move is being pushed as a money saving strategy that in reality probably will do just that, despite leaving employees without access to content that is arguable valuable to their work.

We’re told employees of this shop’s offices can say goodbye to: YouTube, BBC, iPlayer, Spotify, Channel4, SkyPlayer and Google Videos &#151 each of which will eat bandwidth like a whale sucking krill.

First off, let’s not worry about which shop is doing this. The question I’d like to pose is: does having access to these sites improve your ability to know what’s happening out there or does it make it harder to do your work? Probably both, but let’s pick a side, shall we?

Update: The agency just got back to us and informs that they’re not blocked as of right now.

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