Agency Spy’s List Of Halloween Advertising Favorites

By SuperSpy 

Along with every holiday comes a host of associated advertising. We selected six our favorites for your end of day viewing pleasure.

Happy Halloween!
x Super Spy (We reposted this from last year, due to its classic-ness &#151 aw, we miss you SuperSpy, where ever you are)


Now this dark and creepy spot is not a real ad for Levi’s, but it’s darn good. This ad was created as promo material for AboveGrey Pictures and honestly, I enjoyed watching it much more than the recent Levi’s spots.

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Nike. They always hit it out of the park, no?

This ad is from 1978 and is for the now defunct Woolworth’s brand. It’s so awesome. In that way that cut out pieces of paper and awkward kids in costumes can be so very awesome.

What this ad lacks in creativity, it makes up in some good casting. The 3 second shot of the little girl dressed as a daisy? Who doesn’t remember this chick?

The commercial above is for one of the freakiest place I have ever been, the Mall of America in Minneapolis. The animation, created by Todd Hemker and Soyeon Kim at Yellowshed is just too lovely not to include in my favorite’s list.

God. Do you remember when in the 90s when McDonald’s was just balls to the wall with their advertising? For a second there, they just didn’t give a fuck. Screw the kids! Lets just roll tape. They would never, ever run this ad now.

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