‘Agency Scoops’ Creators Score Droga5 Internships

By Patrick Coffee 

In case you thought that creative stunts don’t lead to jobs (or “jobs”)…

Last week, AdFreak posted on a project created by Miami Ad School New York students Aditya Hariharan and Joshua Namdar, who reimagined all the major agencies as ice cream flavors.

The “Agency Scoops” tumblr used each agency’s work to cast it as a Ben & Jerry’s-style pint, and the students even managed to engage in a little good-natured ribbing.


For example, they described Droga5 as “no rules, no-nonsense creativity in a rich, wholesome environment” and DDB as “a slow-churned classic agency with a hint of forward thinking” (emphasis ours).

Today we learned that quite a few people in ad land noticed the work. The Droga organization was so interested, in fact, that it gave the pair Summer internships.

From the students themselves:

“The response from the ad community has been overwhelming…

As a result, we managed to secure an internship at Droga5 for the summer.”

No word on whether they’ve learned the first rule of the ad industry: never read the comments on your own AgencySpy post.