Agency Creatives Launch Anti-Trump #MillennialsForPresident Project

By Patrick Coffee 

So, you may have heard of this dude named Donald Trump.

Some in the usually restrained agency world are a little disturbed by the fact that a guy who openly retweets white supremacists and says dumb sexist shit* like it’s no big deal is all but certain to be the GOP’s presidential nominee in November. (Not to mention the fact that he’s never actually held an elected office or run any organization that doesn’t have his own name plastered all over it.)

A bunch of agencies have used that sentiment to promote themselves shamelessly, and yesterday we heard about some guys from Momentum, R/GA and W+K who created a little project completely unrelated to their day jobs in order to get others to #UnfollowTrump on Twitter and stop encouraging him.


The latest such effort is a bit more direct: it calls upon the fabled Millennials to prevent Trump from winning the nomination by writing in anyone but him in the following GOP primaries…even themselves!

From the email:

“There are five remaining states with open or mixed primaries. In those states, you don’t need to be a Republican to cast a vote in the Republican Primary.  If Millennials  in each of those states rally together, they can stop Trump and force a contested convention, where a more reasonable candidate can emerge. This is better for America, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican.”

The people behind this one have not revealed their identities to us; the email only describes them as “three politically-minded agency creatives,” though we have a pretty good feeling they live and work in New York. They “believe that a Trump nomination would be catastrophic but remain optimistic that something can still be done to avoid it,” and their project doubles as a sort of defense of Millennials, who have been the subject of more pointless think pieces than Beyonce, Prince and Snapchat combined.

After yesterday’s primaries, we are pretty damn sure that Trump will indeed be the nominee. But you have to admire them for trying in a way? Also, it’s slightly contradictory to call Ted Cruz and John Kasich “shitbricks,” because one of those three dudes will be on the ballot in November whether we all like it or not. (SPOILER: It will be Trump.)

Expect more of this to come. It will get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

*Someone will inevitably say that this statement was not sexist and throw out the “PC is destroying the world” bullshit. If that would be you, then you’re wrong.